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Most tools don't make you a better researcher

This is not another survey platform. There are plenty out there.

There are also a million online resources with sample questions, question types, response options, and reasons to ask questions.

A million bits and pieces, scattered all over the internet.

Everytime you build a survey, it’s an epic scavenger hunt.

On the internet. In your old files. In colleague's minds.

That’s where the Bellini Slushie Survey Question Bank comes in.


Find questions that have relevant responses and are contextualized to culture. The database is organised with category tags, languages and countries so you can fly through it.


Browse through our catalog of survey questions. They’re paired with best practices and execution tips, so you can understand when and why you should or shouldn’t use them.


Jump-start your survey with free questions, available for your immediate use. We’re platform agnostic, so you can still use your favorite tools.


Join us on our mission to make research better. We're keeping this open-source and community-oriented, so anyone can add questions and translations to the database.

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Every fortnight we'll drop you one interesting idea from us, then introduce you to fresh research findings, intriguing links, job opportunities and all new entries into our Question Bank. Read our past issues here

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