Changing the way we research

Who We Are

Our backgrounds and interests lie in innovation; looking for interesting market opportunities, ideating concepts, validating solutions and building them. Out of necessity, we’re constantly looking for the best tools and brainstorming ways we can improve them. 

And, what started as our personal need grew and morphed into Bellini Slushie.

If you can't find it, build it!

We've run a lot of qualitative and quantitative research across Asia and the United States, so naturally we've used many different tools and services. Whenever we'd run surveys, we'd continue to identify problems and have questions like:

  • Why is searching for survey questions with responses I can use so difficult?
  • How can I best save the questions I'm writing for future reference?
  • Why are so many resources and products US centric?
  • Can I quickly translate this question to use it in another country?
  • How can I be confident my translation / wording is the right way to ask this in another country?
  • Why isn't there an easier way to program my survey?
  • Why isn't is so hard to make changes to my programmed survey?

As our list of issues with surveying grew, so did our idea and inspiration for the Bellini Slushie survey question bank.

If we can't find the solution to our problems, why not build it instead?

Small team, Big needs

We know what its like to work in extremely small teams that are resource strapped with both manpower and cash. We've had to be extremely scrappy with very minimal budgets, but we've also paid for services when we couldn't execute on our own.

Your work will always be important, no matter the resources at your disposable. That's why we believe in sharing resources and knowledge, and we know the value of a good product.

Iterate to Innovate

We're building Bellini Slushie in true innovation fashion: build our MVP and develop the product from there.

Constantly evaluate, iterate, and pivot if need be.

As of right now, we plan to develop in a few major stages:

Stage 1: Open-Source Question Bank (COMPLETE)

A forever-free, open-sourced, database of survey and interview questions, translations, and guidance. The database was launched in March 2021 with an initial set of questions, responses, recommendations and notes. Users can contribute to the database to help grow it or simply use it as a resource.

Stage 2: Optimize QB Experience (FOREVER WIP)

For the actual questions, this means improving the notes and recommendations section to inform how and why you should use questions, expanding the database by adding new questions, expanding globally by adding new translations and localizations, etc. For the Question Bank functionality, this means adding new features like one-click copying and pasting questions, sharing individual questions, etc. We always welcome feedback on the experience.

Stage 3: Survey Design-Storming (COMING SOON)

The survey design process is messy. When we say survey design, we don't mean survey programming, launch & analysis. We're talking about the steps before that - the process of outlining, choosing the methodology, brainstorming the questions and activities, and getting alignment with stakeholders. It's editing, editing, editing. repeat. We're working to improve and simplify these steps.

Stage 4: ??

Lets see where the previous stages take us and go from there.